At Last... Discover How ADI's Can Save £££s On Their Fuel Costs. Make No Mistake, This Is Exactly What The Petrol Station Owners Did Not Want You To Know!!!

Are you spending more than 250 per month on diesel or petrol?

Does it seem unfair that prices can fluctuate so wildly from one garage to the next?

Would you like to reduce the amount you're paying for fuel?

If your answer to each of the above questions is 'yes', then this could well be the most important thing you will read today because you're about to learn how YOU can make your business instantly more profitable by slashing your fuel costs!

That's right, you don't have to put up with paying pump prices for a moment longer!

As ADI's, it is safe to say that fuel is a significant (if not your number one) overhead but with volatile oil prices, not to mention wildly fluctuating prices at forecourts, it is also one which can be difficult to control. There is no doubt some of you simply fill up as and when necessary, hoping that the price you are paying is reasonable (and biting the bullet when it isn't), whilst others monitor prices at various forecourts to try and target the cheapest fuel at any given time; however, this can be time consuming and depending on the route you are taking, the least expensive service station might not always be the most convenient to use.

How easy would it be if you could fill up at several different service stations in your area but instead of paying the advertised pump price, you simply pay one weekly fixed price (for each grade of fuel) which is typically 3 pence per litre less than the national average pump price?

That's exactly what leading Fuel Card provider Forecourt Fuels are offering in a deal put together exclusively for ADI's, enabling them to purchase fuel in exactly the same way and at the same 'commercial' rates normally only enjoyed by hauliers and operators of similar large vehicle fleets.

So how does it work?

It's simple. Forecourt Fuels provide you with a Fuel Card which you use to pay for fuel when you fill up. You will then go on to receive a weekly invoice for any purchases you have made... but with the fuel charged at the prevailing commercial rate rather than pump price. Bills are then conveniently settled by direct debit several days later.

But that's not all... in addition to the savings you can make, having a separate invoice for fuel means your purchases are all under one umbrella for accounting purposes, whilst for those of you who are VAT registered they are also fully approved by the Inland Revenue and go on to separate the VAT element of your transactions, saving you the time it takes to process individual fuel receipts.

So here is a summary of these and other benefits you will receive:-

  1. Typical savings of 3 pence per litre from pump prices
  2. Clear invoices which minimise administration and accounting costs
  3. FREE issue of fuel cards and provision of site directories
  4. Interest free credit facility
  5. FREE online access to your account
  6. Direct contact with your account manager on an ongoing basis

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I pay for the cards themselves? Absolutely nothing! cards are issued 100% free of charge, with no administration fees or other hidden costs

Where can they be used? Between them, our fuel cards are accepted at more than 7000 service stations in the UK (that's around 80% of all garages on the road today), so we simply liaise with each of our customers to ensure they receive the best product for them

How do you create the savings? As individuals paying by cash, credit or debit card, service stations make 'retail' margins on the fuel you buy and these are considerably higher than the margins they make on one of our 'commercial' fuel cards. To preserve these 'retail' margins for garage owners, there are volume restrictions in place which prevent individuals from having commercial fuel cards but we have got around this by putting ADI's together as one buying group. This means that whilst the garages won't be pleased, as long as you have a potential spend of just 250 per month, you can have one of our cards and often use exactly the same service station you are now but pay far less for your fuel!

What if I don't use my card? Once you have it, it's entirely up to you how much or how little you use the card; there are no penalties for non usage, though of course most people don't want to go back to paying pump prices!

Do I need to enter into a contract? You need to sign an agreement as we provide an interest free credit facility; however you can cancel at any time and are only ever obliged to pay for any outstanding purchases on the card.

How do I apply? Simply click on the 'Apply Now' link below which will take you through to our application page, enter your details and one of our team will take care of the rest. Alternatively, if you require further information or would like to speak to somebody, click on the 'Enquire Now' link below.

How long is it before I receive my cards? Cards usually will usually be with you within 10 days of us receiving a completed application.

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So if you're spending more than £250 per month on fuel, don't waste another minute and get in touch with us now!! you can't afford not to!!