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This is NOT a video and resource package about driving, nor is it intended to replace the role of the ADI. It is about providing you and your pupils with additional methods and techniques that will enable capable drivers to pass their test without nerves getting in the way, and to reduce the number of times that you have to keep repeating the same basic instructions.

As driving instructors we all have the same goal in mind; to get our pupils’ driving to a standard making sure that they become safe, confident and considerate drivers.
Specific visualisation exercises provided in this video package will help focus your pupils’ attention on their driving in between lessons. This will help to ensure that they haven’t forgotten everything that you taught them previously, thus helping to reduce the repetition during lessons.
Other techniques used will increase your pupils’ confidence and competence levels, therefore making the learning process much more enjoyable and less frustrating for both yourself and your pupil.  

A massive 10% of the population is diagnosed as dyslexic, with an estimation that up to 25 percent of the population may have some form of dyslexia. That means that at any time, up to one quarter of your pupils may be dyslexic. It’s often difficult as instructors to accept that our standard method of teaching is not always the most appropriate for every learner, and your pupils who are dyslexic will benefit from multi-sensory learning techniques to help them to take information on board more easily.  

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Driving Instructor Suite

(includes the Teaching Pupils with Dyslexia and/or Dyspraxia package)

This comprehensive video product will enable your pupils to eliminate numerous negative emotions that inhibit learning, including fear, panic, embarrassment, frustration, intimidation, and replace with confidence, and increased self esteem.  The techniques are so effective, you’ll find yourself using them for your own Check Tests!  Advice from an expert will help you to combat the issues that dyslexic and dyspraxic learners face when learning to drive.  You will learn how to assess your pupils individual Learning Style, so you can adapt your teaching style to match their individual needs. 

  • Enable pupils to eliminate test day nerves
  • Eliminate the negative emotions that inhibit the learning process
  • Increase the Confidence/Competence balance in all pupils
  • Eliminate the need to keep repeating MSPSL routine
  • Prevent pupils from ‘talking themselves into failure’
  • Usage of Multi Sensory Learning & Accelerated Learning techniques tailored to each pupil
  • Help pupils to ‘master the manoeuvres’ between lessons
  • Eliminate the frustration that you often feel as an instructor
  • Enable pupils to drive on test to the same standard as they do on lessons
  • More referrals from satisfied pupils & increased enjoyment of teaching
  • Improve the ability of pupils who struggle with learning to drive
  • Eliminate the huge amount of repetition during lessons
  • Increase confidence and self esteem, for your pupils and for yourself for Check Tests
  • Discover the common issues experienced by dyslexic and/or dyspraxic learners, and methods to combat them.
  • Prevent your pupils from muddling up left/right
  • The Top Ten reasons for test failure – and how to avoid them
  • Test Day Stress Busters

    The Driving Instructor Suite PDF contents:

  • Top Ten Reasons for failure - and how to avoid them
  • Test Day Stress Busters
  • Check Test Stress Busters
  • Learning to drive with dyslexia/dyspraxia
  • Pupil Handouts - All the techniques from the video
  • Learning Styles Questionnaire
  • 27 Page Training Manual
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iDEAS4adi's Pupil Handouts   iDEAS4adi's Pupil Handouts

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Teaching Pupils with
Dyslexia and/or Dyspraxia

This package is included in the Driving Instructor Suite above.

Did you know that 1 in 10 of your pupils is likely be dyslexic or dyspraxic? This video and associated CPD Training Manual is a handy guide to the most common issues faced by learners with dyslexia and dyspraxia, with helpful advice to combat these issues.  Featuring the experience and expertise of Colleen Pearson who, in addition to being a Dyslexia Assessor at Staffordshire University, is also dyspraxic herself.  Her unique blend of specialist knowledge, combined with her own experiences of learning to drive, will be beneficial for driving instructors and learners alike. 

  • Discover the common issues faced by many learners with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia
  • Solutions to these issues
  • Expert advice from a Dyslexia Assessor at Staffordshire University
  • Helpful advice to help pupils with the theory, practical test and driving post test
  • How emotions affect the dyslexic and/or dyspraxic learner

    27 page CPD Training Manual includes:

  • Thought Field Therapy and NLP techniques to aid pupils
  • Common problems and strategies to help dyslexic learners
  • Dyslexia and self-esteem
  • Dyslexic learners and Visual Disturbance/Instability Syndrome
  • Multi Sensory Learning: preferred learning styles
  • Mindmapping & Brain Gym to aid learning
  • Accelerated Learning including the Theory of Multiple Intelligences
  • The use of ‘chunking’, Objective Setting
  • Connecting the Hemispheres, Review and Recall
  • Pupil becomes the teacher, Music and Learning
  • A useful resources/contacts section
  • A Learning Styles Questionnaire to help you tailor lessons to the individual needs of your pupils
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iDEAS4adi's Pupil Handouts   iDEAS4adi's Pupil Handouts